Louise Daniels

Landscapes of North West Tasmania – Paintings by Louise Daniels. Louise’s landscape paintings celebrate the colours, landforms and watercourses of beautiful North West Tasmania where she grew up and currently lives.

"I celebrate the beauty of my local Tasmanian landscape, patchwork hills and country roads, dramatic land formations and the fabulous colours. My landscapes capture the feel and mood of this countryside I know intimately and have understood since early childhood; rich fertile soils, variety of agriculture and the beauty of the hills, coast and mountain ranges."

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Anzara Clark

Anzara is a textile and paper artist who works primarily in wearable art and garment based sculptural forms. She has won Art On Legs in 2013 and 2014 and Paper On Skin, the Burnie Wearable Art Prize in 2014. Most recently exhibiting as one of the artists in the Paper Garments For The Grave project, funded by the Tasmanian Association for Hospice and Palliative Care. She is continuing her association with TAHPC, leading a community based arts project “Mourning The Missing’ that created mourning garments for missing persons and was exhibited during Missing Persons Week in 2015.

The Official Opening of Anzara's exhibition took place at the Gawler Gallery in September 2015.

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Jessie Pangas

Jessie Pangas is a Tasmanian printmaker and painter based on the North-West Coast. Born in Tasmania, educated in India and spending the last three years living in a remote Indigenous community in North East Arnhem land, Jessie Pangas has now come full circle, having recently returned to the town of her birth on the North-West Coast of Tasmania. Here she plans to stay and establish her arts practice which continues to reflect her orientation to the margins of society.

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Julie Irvin - Artist

"I am inspired by the natural environment. The roll of the hills, the shapes of leaves and branches, the negative spaces between the tree trunks,the patterns on leaves and bark and the rhythms in the flowing grasses. There is so much to explore in nature and its an interesting process to record these images."

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June Hope - Textile Artist

From fleece to finished garment, June handfelts these loose alpaca fibres, silk fabrics and yarns into unique, one off wearable art pieces.

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Evelyn Antonysen - Artist

I always love photographing birds, but it is challenging.  You do not have to be a quick to take photos of pelicans and I could get up close to capture the detail of that stunning eye and the markings on the beak. I think you can always be guaranteed of Pelicans at the boat ramp and park at Mallacoota. 

These are just some of the beautiful images that were captured on a recent holiday on the East Coast of mainland Australia.

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Brenda Haas – Botanical Artist

All of my paintings are in watercolour on hot-pressed French art paper.  This paper is smooth and allows precise detail though it can also be rather unforgiving when it comes to a correction.
For me, botanical art is to become "one with Nature" and to do that I find there is no room left for the day-to-day cares of the world.
It is with this in mind that I refer to my work as my "raison d’être" How wonderful that is.

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Aukje Boonstra  - Textile Artist

Join Aukje in one of her Natural Dye Workshops and create a beautiful original garment.  These garments are 100% wool jersey and dyed with various locally sourced natural dyes.  Aukje is a motivated and enthusiastic tutor who will embrace your own ideas or guide you in the process of natural dyeing. 

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